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Welcome to The Loctician Salon, your premier destination for top-tier dreadlock services in Stockton, CA. We take pride in being the top premium dreadlock salon in the area, where we blend artistry with expertise to create stunning and unique dreadlock styles that reflect your individuality. Our highly skilled and passionate team of locticians is dedicated to providing you with a transformative experience that goes beyond just hairstyling. At The Loctician Salon, we understand that your locks are an extension of your identity, and we are committed to delivering exceptional service, quality, and care to ensure you leave our salon feeling confident and empowered. Discover the perfect balance of tradition and innovation as we craft the finest dreadlock creations tailored to your desires. Experience the pinnacle of dreadlock artistry at The Loctician Salon.

Why The Loctician Salon?

Expertise and Skill

The Loctician Salon boasts a team of highly trained and experienced locticians who specialize in creating and maintaining dreadlocks. Our expertise ensures that you receive the highest quality service and achieve the exact look you desire, whether you're starting your dreadlock journey or seeking a refresh.

Empowering Experience

At The Loctician Salon, we believe that the journey to having dreadlocks should be empowering and transformative. Our salon provides a welcoming and inclusive environment where you can relax, unwind, and leave feeling confident and inspired by your new look.

Unique and Customized Styles

We understand that your hair is an expression of your individuality. At The Loctician Salon, we excel in crafting unique and customized dreadlock styles that align with your personality and preferences. From traditional to modern and everything in between, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Premium Products and Techniques

We use only premium products and cutting-edge techniques to care for and maintain your dreadlocks. Our commitment to quality ensures that your locks not only look incredible but also remain healthy and strong throughout your journey.

Our Offering

Palm rolling stands as an advanced method to effectively compress knots in your dreadlocks. Our Palm Rolling service at The Loctician Salon is designed for monthly maintenance and encompasses a comprehensive approach. This service includes a thorough cleansing to remove any buildup of oils or residues, conditioning for both the scalp and the entire length of your locs, and meticulous retwisting of the new growth. With our expertise, we ensure your dreadlocks stay healthy, neat, and looking their best.

The Loctician Salon specializes in the comb coil method, which is renowned for its natural approach to initiating dreadlocks. In this technique, we carefully coil or twist the hair to kickstart the locking process. Our skilled team meticulously plans and grids out partings for your desired set of dreadlocks, ensuring the perfect size and look, whether you prefer traditional, freeform, two-strand twist, or other loc styles. At The Loctician Salon, we deeply appreciate the significance of new locs and are committed to delivering professional services to all our clients.

Hair has perpetually served as a means of self-expression, akin to an artistic canvas waiting to be adorned. At The Loctician Salon, our hair coloring methods have consistently delivered enduring and radiant colors, ensuring every client leaves with a stunning result. The process entails lightening the hair before applying the chosen hue, typically employed on brown or black hair to attain the desired shade. Please note that for hair extending beyond the shoulder length by every 3 inches, there is an additional charge of $50. We’re committed to enhancing your hair’s vibrancy and helping you express your unique style.

At The Loctician Salon, we employ an interlock needle technique, expertly crafting a series of loops to secure the new growth of your already formed dreadlocks. This method delivers an immediate and resilient locking effect on the fresh growth of your locs. It’s particularly beneficial for individuals leading active lifestyles or those who require frequent hair washing because it effectively prevents unravelling at the base. For this technique, we recommend regular maintenance sessions every 3 to 4 months, ensuring your dreadlocks remain strong, secure, and in pristine condition.

Whether you prefer to wear your hair in its natural state or styled to perfection, the decision is entirely yours, and at The Loctician Salon, we’re here to make you look stunning no matter your choice. Our diverse array of services includes a selection of the latest dreadlock styles that can help you achieve the look you’ve always desired. Starting at just $25.00, our loc styling services are accessible to all. Please note that pricing may vary based on the specific style and length of your hair, ensuring you receive a tailored and exceptional experience that suits your unique preferences.

Feeling the itch for a style transformation? How about exploring a new hair color to switch things up? With countless inspirations to choose from, The Loctician Salon stands as your top destination for top-notch dreadlock highlighting. Our offerings encompass a wide range, including balayage, chunky highlights, delicate baby highlights, and even striking multi-colored options, catering to all your styling desires. The journey to highlight the ends of your locs begins at $150, with an additional $50 charge for every additional 3 inches past the shoulder. Trust us to elevate your style with high-quality hair lock highlighting that leaves you looking and feeling fantastic.

While the crochet method can be applied to various hair types, it’s particularly favored for creating dreadlocks on straight and wavy hair at The Loctician Salon. Crochet loc maintenance involves swiftly locking the new growth of your existing locs using a specialized crochet needle. This process effectively gathers and secures any loose hair, resulting in a smooth and tidy appearance for your dreadlocks, all without the need for any hair products. Please note that pricing may vary depending on the specific sizes and lengths of your locs, as we tailor our services to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Our Loc Detox service at The Loctician Salon is a thorough process designed to cleanse your dreadlocks from within. During this treatment, your locs are immersed in detox products, initiating the breakdown and removal of accumulated product buildup from within the loc shaft. This detoxification process is repeated until the water runs clear, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning. We recommend scheduling this service at least 2 to 3 times annually to maintain the health and vitality of your dreadlocks, leaving them refreshed and revitalized.

Popular Services

  • Consultation
    From $25
  • Palm Roll Retwist Add a style +$25 From $95 Add Barber Line Up +$25 and up
    From $95
  • Loc Extensions Uchenna Method/Crochet
    Min. $500
  • New Locs- Starting Price
  • Loc Repair
    $5-$15 per Loc
  • Retwist/ Palm Roll
    From $95
  • Interlocking
    From $175
  • Crochet Maintenance
    From $250
  • Tangle Removal/Dreadlock Removal
    From $90 per hour
  • New Locs Comb Coil
    From $155
  • Loc Styling
    From $25
  • Dreadlock Extension/Per Loc
    From $15
  • Interlock Maintenance
    From $175
  • Color
    From $85

Consultation Services

  • Loc Styling
    From $25
  • Master Stylist Natural Shape Loc Haircut
    From $147
  • Master Stylist Tangle Removal/Dreadlock Removal
    From $165
  • Dreadlock Extension Repair/Per Loc
    From $15
  • Dreadlock Extension/Half the Head starting price
    From $500
  • Natural shape loc haircut
    From $72
  • The Royal Wash
    From $75
  • New Locs Comb Coil
    From $155
  • Loc Styling
    From $25

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